ASTC Compression Texture Format for Mobile (iOS, Android)

Hello everyone,

I’m developping a game for mobile, and I have issue with RAM usage. I would like to use ASTC for my texture compression format since it’s now very efficient and supported on most devices.
Did someone already try to add ASTC support to Monogame? I’m not a specialist in this area of texture compression and I struggle a bit to add this support to Monogame Content Pipeline.

Thanks for reading me

You are having memory problems on both iOS and Android?
I don’t know what ASTC compression is, but I’d be skeptical that it will solve your problem… Usually textures are uncompressed before being loaded into memory.
What else have you tried? Are you loading all your content into one ContentManager that lives for the whole life of the game?

Yes both platforms. Currently we need at least 4Go of Ram to load a level, so it’s more an issue on iOS right now since few devices have more than 4Go of Ram. But anyway, it’s huge.
We only load assets when we need them. Converting assets to ASTC improves another game a lot before (not using Monogame), almost 1.5Go earned in memory at runtime.
Since PVRTC and ETC1 are now obsolete for mobiles, I thought I could start with this lead.