Better Skinned 3D Animations - Monogame Port [Completed]

For the past week I’ve been working on a port of the BetterSkinned 3D Animated Model Library.

The main reason behind this is I am working on my Capstone Project for my final year of college and decided to go with MonoGame. Since I needed a way to get Animated Models inside of my game, I searched around and saw the BetterSkinned example and thought it was a good solution.

The code is licensed under the Microsoft Public License (Ms-PL) so its free to use.

Supported Platforms
Right now it only supports Windows 8.1 Metro, Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows Desktop. Though in the ReadMe I have detailed how to add additional platforms such as iOS or Android

If you want to grab the code and use it in your projects, feel free. I have a version up on my GitHub along with a ReadMe describing how to integrate it or add additional platforms

Additional Thoughts
It would be interesting if we could get a modified version of this integrated into the actual MonoGame project, We have static models, but nothing really in place for animated ones aside from relying on little hacks based around fooling the compiler with assembly trickery such as this.

All it relies on is its custom Content Processor to output a Model with bones and animations set to a structure in its tag. It seems customizable enough and would be a handy tool for mostly everyone who needs animated models. It has a couple hard requirements like the model must have its first frame as a T-Pose but after that it seems to get Animations correctly considering I pulled a random one off of Mixamo and it worked.

I’ve used this in the past (on WIndows, OS X, Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Windows 8) and it’s really a great piece of code (I used the code from the XNA Model Viewer, which is basically the same), if you need 3D animations.

I’ve written a demo program, which implements animation blending based on the code:

I tried to use your code starting from the fbx file you provide. But it does not work.