Blurry Character Movement

So I’ve been having this issue where when the character moves it looks incredibly blurry. I’ve been doing the standard techniques to try and stamp it out, making sure there isn’t any interpolation being done on the sprites making sure the position are rounded to whole numbers, but no matter what I do it comes to the same results.

Here is the latest game I’m working on where you can see the blurriness

Any help with this would be massively appreciated

Can you post specific frame? (Screenshot). Because I see nothing blurry on this video (absolutely nothing no matter when I pause it) and only thing that comes to mind is ghosting on your display.

So the strange thing about this is when I look at it frame to frame it looks perfectly fine, but when it starts moving it super blurry. I’ve looked at other games on my system like Shovel Knight or Super Time Force, there isn’t any real blur there even when moving so. But I’ve uploaded a screenshot and can be seen below.

This frame is perfectly sharp, or am I missing something? It really boils down to what your display can handle and what your brain can perceive. Movement in your game is insanely fast, considerably faster than in Shovel Knight (don´t know other one).

Yeah I didn’t the speed into consideration. Thanks for having a look at it :slight_smile:

I think what you’re seeing is the residual image in your retina. Each of your frames is ‘burnt’ into the light and color receptors in your eye and it takes time for them to regenerate. Similar to glancing at a bright light and having that ghost image in your sight for a while.

I am not in any way suggesting anyone should stare at bright lights!