BMFont rendering that bypasses content pipeline?

Frankly I don’t really know where to put it, here or in Protogame. From my understanding Protogame doesn’t really like Mono’s content pipeline and besides I want my game to be as easy to mod as possible anyway, without any external tools other than graphics/audio software and a notepad meaning I want to avoid content pipeline and having to load files from xnb.

Pair it with me being quite new to MG and the fact that I never was any good with C#'s XML parser and it means that I need your help. Does anyone has code that allows for loading and (more importantly) rendering BMFont-generated fonts that supports most of BMFont’s features such as kerning and so on and which bypasses the content pipeline meaning I can simply load from a specific folder?

The issue you’re going to run into here is platform-specific representations of textures. You have to compile textures for the target platform so they can be loaded with the GPU.

Luckily, Protogame already supports doing this at runtime on desktop platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux). MonoGame won’t out of the box (it doesn’t have the asset infrastructure that Protogame does). But if you implement and bind the interfaces I mentioned in the other thread, it should all “just work”.