Books about Monogame


I’m currently learning MonoGame and I must admit I’m having a hard tile finding ressources.
Also, I learn better with books.
So I was wondering… If I’m learning through books about XNA 4, would it be applicable to Monogame? Or some things would be different?

Thank you in advance ^. ^


Hi @rom5991 Welcome to the Community!

You can use most XNA tutorials/books [I have almost all of them] and there should be few breaking changes, I did find one in timings which I posted in a tutorial recently.

Be aware some XNA books are specific to certain tasks and some are full guides on sample games.

Feel free to ask me about some books you find and if I have it, you can ask me if it covers something you are looking for.

Happy Coding!

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Here’s a new Monogame book coming out in December (it was supposed to come out in November):

Source code at


I can recommend this MonoGame Mastery book, considering I was one of the Technical reviewers on it :smiley:


That’s awesome! I see the book is delayed from Nov 4th to Dec 4th. Any idea if there’s a chance it will come out sooner?

FWIW While I see it on Amazon Canada, it does not appear on Amazon USA…

I found it and pre-ordered, it looks awsome honnestly. I can’t wait for the 4th of december :stuck_out_tongue:

Says November 26 now, shame no Kindle Edition on launch, not everyone has good eyes…

Unbearably long to wait. It was supposed to be available Nov 4th :sob: :sob:

That said, we have the source code at github mentioned above so we can start learning right away.

Yeah, I’m hoping it will be available at the APress website in PDF and/or EPUB (Kindle reads that)

Hopefully the ebook version will be available with the APress membership.

Where did you see it with availability Nov 26th? I don’t see it on the American Amazon, only on the Canadian and that’s Dec 4th. Still, the source is available to go through.

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UK Amazon, prefer my own devices, kindles are a waste of money… but the Kindle App is handy.

Each to their own.

Hoping to output some tutorials soon, just dealing with a near death experience still lingering…

Agreed. Long sold my Kindle DX.

Looking forward to the tutorials. What’s your site (I probably missed)?

Wow, keep safe - anything to do with chainsaws or motorcycles?

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I cancelled everything I have concerning online presence and considering deleting my twitter account too and IG, so I may just stick to Vimeo and this forum.

My house tried to kill me :joy: missed me by 15~ seconds…

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I have a leak, which is still leaking… having a hard time finding a plumber and too blind to resolve it myself :pleading_face:

Just saying… :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, my thinking too - limit online presence and visibility. Don’t leave this forum! :grin: I wish there was a way to sign in to the forum that didn’t use a third party for authentication.

Wow, I hope you get that resolved with the house soon. Water will do that to ceilings. I’d help if I was closer (I’m assuming you’re not on the west coast of North America).

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Yup, I couldn’t believe it when I yet again in vain signed in to Apress to see if the book was available, and there it was! Going through the whole thing. Remember to leave a review! Very helpful for the authors.

Got a nice plumber to come around and ‘cough’ plug it up ‘cough’ sorry, bad pun…

I am in the North… West… of the UK lol

Thank you :sparkling_heart:!

Just got to figure out what to do about the asbestos… and the remainder of the ceiling… yes, my eyes are irritated lately… which is handy… hence why I have all but put everything on pause again, but I really want to start making videos and demonstrations for MG and games and an engine… :frowning: I bought a 4K camera just for said purpose…

Purchased a lot of container boxes as an actual container is prohibitively expensive… [It was double my budget], hopefully I can find a resolve, will try making calls tomorrow to find out costings and such to at least fix the ceiling that was destroyed…

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Thank you 2020, for a great year… :sake: [sarcasm]

While I do now have a pro github account, I do wish there was a more direct method to login… as logging in on mobile was a pain for a while… have to authenticate, switch apps, mess up face ID, that takes time, locks out, kicks me back to a dead page, authentication fails, try again, type password, OTP messes up, 2FA hates you, page fails to load, hits you with a lockout for too many attempts, then hits you with a failed reCAPTCHA, reload, then it shows you nonsense… ‘sigh’

/Apologies for Off-Topic discussion


This means a lot to me, Simon! Thanks for all your insightful comments during the process :slight_smile:

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Update: I’m receiving it tomorrow.
I think I’m not sleeping until I don’t have it ^^"

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I’m reading it off I love the book!

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Looks like you have your work cut out for you :grin:

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