Border around app


I’ve searched the web, but all I could find was “Compiled newest source and it works fine”. And all of the solutions were at least year old…

So - I downloaded newest dlls (v3.5.0.531) when I tried to get rid of alcMacOSXMixerOutputRate EntryPointNotFoundException and referenced them in my project.

Now I have this black border around (iPad) or on top/bottom (iPhone) of my app.

I really can’t find the way to fix it. graphics.IsFullScreen etc. doesn’t work.

Please help…

OK, so I figured the way to make it work on iPhone.
And iPad adds black border because it’s an iPhone app :stuck_out_tongue:

Basically the way to do it is not to use Monogame template (iPhone/iPad app) and instead use basic Single View iPhone/iPad template (I’m talking about Xamarin Studio). Then reference DLLs, add your game in AppDelegate and run it. I had some problem with viewing drawn stuff, so I deleted ViewController and storyboard.

Hope it helps somebody.

Nice find - quick question are you having issues building on a real device? with v3.5.0.531? I’m getting framebuffer erros.

Sorry, no error for me. And I use exactly this version (531).
I had your problem when I wanted to add Facebook sharing, but turned out it was just my small mistake in info.plist.

Ahh ok make sense! Thanks - Also regarding the 2 borders - you dont have to create a single view project - Use the template but make sure to add a 640 x 1136 spash screen in your info list - (if targeting iphones) - apparently the screen res is set according to the splash screen size.

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