building ios/osx problems / Xamrin.IOS missing

edit to update with current issues and be more concise, see reply <3

I can not create monogame iOS projects using visual studio for mac (latest xcode, lastest visual studio, latest osx high sierra) because I get the error: “Project does not support framework 'Xamarin.iOS,Version=1.0”

OSX builds create and build fine, but run on init() failing to load SDL2 for unknown reasons.

To be clear on the iOS problem: I literally can not create a new monogame iOS project in vs for Mac because of that error. My googling found some very old (like 2015) instances of the problem where the solution was to manually update your project to use the new unified api - but I can’t even create the project to convert! Maybe there is some way to update the templates?

Did you install Xamarin?

yes, your link is what I used before. Actually clicking download will ask you to select your visual studio version (community in my case) and then download the VisualStudioForMac.dmg installer which has Xamarin built into it these days.

On my first attempt Xamarin.iOS was indeed missing - I could create a new monogame iOS game project but it wouldnt compile because of the missing reference. I then downloaded again and reinstalled making sure the iOS settings were selected and now it wont create the project at all stating the above error - its like the monogame project templates are requesting a version of xamarin that is no longer supported or something?

I am a part time indie dev (boring day job 4 days a week, indie dev at home 1 day a week + weekends/evenings) and tomorrow is my indie dev day at home - with only one a week i’m so gutted that it may be spent stuck on this rather than actual development and iOS port/bug fixing T_T

Which version of MonoGame are you using? If 3.6, have you tried the latest develop version?

I have to apologize, as I don’t have an OSX computer and haven’t attempted building to iOS; I was hoping installing Xamarin would fix the issue. If all else fails, try a fresh MonoGame and Xamarin install by installing Xamarin first then MonoGame afterwards.

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Certainly never any need to apologise when you’re spending your own time to try and help someone! :slight_smile:

And guess what? You were spot on. Reinstalling monogame from the same installer I downloaded a few days ago simply fixed the iOS projects entirely. So, order is very important! For anyone who runs into this problem and needs the fix:

(the following steps have been tested on the latest os x high sierra)
Install XCode first (and possibly run it so you can set your appleid as dev etc - I did so maybe important)
Install mono framework (not monogame, mono)
Install visual studio for mac, MAKE SURE all iOS options are ticked and enabled! Double check!
-if at all possible create any test project at this point to check that Xamarin.iOS references are working properly, if not run that visual studio installer again because its a finicky bugger!
NOW install monogame. Dev branch! You don’t have to compile it yourself (i did not) but grab latest dev version and install that.

You should hopefully now be able to create monogame apps for iOS, enjoy!

Sadly my DesktopGL portable desktop projects are still failing to run (but compile fine) for os x with SDL2 throwing an exception and failing to load. If we can find a fix for that I am home and dry :slight_smile: