C# ECS - Friflo.Engine.ECS v2.0.0. Now supports Unity, Godot, MonoGame, WASM / WebAssembly, .NET 2.1 to .NET 8 and Native AOT

Released Friflo.Engine.ECS v2.0.0

Checkout features and Demos for Unity, Godot and MonoGame at

GitHub ⋅ Friflo.Engine.ECS - README.

New Features

  • Introduced ECS Systems module with query systems, system groups, command buffers and performance monitoring.

  • Added support for WASM / WebAssembly, Native AOT and Unity (Mono, AOT/IL2CPP, WebGL)


  • Improved creation time of entities by 3x - 4x.

  • Reduced memory footprint per entity from 48 to 16 bytes.

  • Improved performance of structural changes by 3x - 4x using tailored generic API’s.

  • Decreased initial startup time from 80 ms to 23 ms on Mac Mini M2.

See updated ECS Benchmarks at the bottom of the README.

Still fastest C# ECS according to Ecs.CSharp.Benchmark and the only ECS using no unsafe code.

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