Camera Lerp following player causes UI issues

im having some problems with a camera and UI elements “lagging” behind the camera

UI element that follows the camera:
position = new Vector2(, + 400);
camera that follows the player:
camera.Position = new Vector2(MathHelper.Lerp(camera.Position.X, player.Position.X, 0.25f), MathHelper.Lerp(camera.Position.Y, player.Position.Y, 0.25f));
even with no lerp it doesnt work
oh and im talking about the ability bar in the bottom middle of the screen in the gif

You should draw your gameworld with camera and then the ui without camera:

//draw player, gameworld etc.
SpriteBatch.Begin(transformmatrix:camera.TransformMatrix, ...);
SpriteBatch.Draw(Player, ...);

//draw UI
SpriteBatch.Draw(AbilityBar, ...);