Can I build/test an iOS game without a Mac?

As the topic, Can I use MonoGame to build/test an iOS game without a Mac?
I need to demo an iOS game for my university senior project.

I have only windows 10 (home edition) laptop.
For Android game, I have tested an app on my phone.
It can install and run without a problem using Visual Studio 2019.

Any help would be much appreciated.

If you have some time to spare, please help answer 2 questions below.
It took me a day and I still can’t find the answers yet.
(My English is not that good :frowning: )
It could help me a lot if someone could answer these questions.

2 extra questions
  1. Can I use only C# to make mobile (iOS/Android) game ?
    (I’ve heard of F# but don’t know what it is yet)
  2. Is 1 set of code works with both iOS/Android ?

Seriously you got an assignment with no basic instructions :slight_smile:

You need an Apple computer to do this. Its not a monogame restriction i think you need a Apple to develop for Apple regardles. Its a Apple thing.

This question was asked not to long ago.


Hi @KantaB Welcome to the Community!

You can use a SHARED CODEBASE across platforms, the assets might need tweaking as well as the code which can be coded to test for platforms and then compiled depending on which platform you are coding against or compiling for. Make a new thread to ask about that.

C# is a multi-platform language, you can develop for Desktop, Mobile, and Servers [pretty much anything].

What is your natural language? I always suggest users post in their native language and English so that some users can either read your language or translate it for further insight should they choose to do so. But please keep Post Titles in English.

You must have an Apple machine to compile for the yearly Apple store fee, per platform fee that is… I find it disgusting that a uni course forces you to pay money to Apple… why not just use a Mac to run a test device instead of going full store? you still need to spend a few million dollars on a Mac laptop or something…

Happy Coding!

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Thanks for the answer! Next time I will thoroughly read a post from the community before posting the same question.

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Thank you for the answer and the posting suggestions. Sorry about the multiple thread in one post I am really not used to this kind of community board.

My natural language is Thai. Think about the multiple languages post that maybe some post have my natural language, it must be fun and proud to have someone use the same language in the community!

Thanks for the suggestions again, it was really helpful.

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ยินดีที่ได้พบคุณฉันสามารถแปลภาษาไทยได้บ้าง แต่มันจะแย่มากฮ่าฮ่า

Nice to meet you, I can translate Thai somewhat, but it will be terrible haha

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:laughing: It’s not bad at all. Good to know that someone knows Thai.

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