Can I use the MRT?

*I’m sorry in dub English. (I’m Japanese)

Multiple Render Target is available in MonoGame(3.5)?
In the remains of the code that was ported from XNA, it looks like not moving.

I’m pretty sure you can (i hope so or porting my engine to monogame has no future)

you can.

Use GraphicsDevice.SetRenderTargets instead of SetRenderTarget

_graphicsDevice.SetRenderTargets(_renderTarget1, _renderTarget2);

Then in the Pixel Shader my output is a struct of 2 colors for example.

Thank you!

What are you saying. It is the same code as the XNA?
All right.
The transplanted MRT is not functioning, there may be another cause (Render Target?).

Do you use sv_position semantic in your shaders as it is required by monogame

More or less, 99% of the code is like in XNA

thank you.
As you say, I have to change all of the Semantic from POSITION to SV_POSITION.
That there is also code-compatible 99 percent, it is amazing!