Collisions movement issue

Hello, I was wandering if someone could help me with a small collisions issue,
I’m working on a school project in monogame that I started around a year ago, I just realized how quickly the deadline for it arrived and now I have to pick up where I left off,
I’ve made a simple collider but it doesn’t seem to want to implement very well,

The problem is that my character doesn’t move, all of his animations work fine, I debugged his coordinates, they update fine too, but he just stays in the same spot.
Here is the drawing code:

_spriteBatch.Draw(CurrentFrame, PlayerHitbox, null, Color.White, 0f, new Vector2(DoomWalkUp1.Width / 2, DoomWalkUp1.Height / 2), SpriteEffects.None, 0f);

Now, my previous code, before I added the destination rectangle
looked like this

_spriteBatch.Draw(CurrentFrame, CharacterPosition, null, Color.White, 0f, new Vector2(DoomWalkUp1.Width/2, DoomWalkUp1.Height/2),
Vector2.One, SpriteEffects.None, 0f);

this works fine, walks coordinates update, animations animate, and most importantly, visually moves.

If anyone has any suggestions, want more code, please say.

It’s possible that you’re not updating your PlayerHitbox when you’re updating the CharacterPosition.