Compute, Tessellation & Geometry Shader

I’ve been working on this custom fork off and on for quite some time now. I finally got around to making the new shader compiler work natively on Linux, as well as publish NuGet packages, which should make this a lot more approachable for those who shy away from building from source.

You get the newest development build, with added support for compute, tessellation and geometry shaders. Additionally you get a new shader compiler for OpenGL, replacing the outdated MojoShader with ShaderConductor, which opens up shader model 4 and 5.

Have a look at those sample projects to see the new shader stages in action. They should just launch without any additional setup.

For more info check out those links:

NuGet Packages, Platform Support and Build Requirements
Compute Shader Guide
Shader migration Guide for OpenGL
Shader model support for OpenGL
Pull Request for main MonoGame Repo


This is exciting to say the least. :slight_smile: