Content compiler missing PVRTC.dll and libmojoshader_32.dll

I’m trying to compile content for the iOS port of my latest game, following the instructions here and keep hitting a wall. The MonogameContentProcessors.sln project is referencing two DLLs I do not have - PVRTC.dll and libmojoshader_32.dll, so it will not build.

I have no idea what version of these the project is expecting, or if they are available on the internet. I have tried the content compiler from both v3.0.1 and v3.2 of monogame in VS2010 express C#. Can someone advise where I might obtain the correct versions of these missing DLLs?

Also, do I need to build both the C# an C++ version, or just C#?

This is proving incredibly frustrating! Surely it’s possible for someone who has successfully built this project to chuck the binaries it creates up onto github or something for download?