Content.mgcb won't open on double click (VS 2022)

I’m using VS 2022 17.8.3 and the latest version of the framework extension, even tried reinstalling the extension but the file won’t open on any of the projects. I’ve tried opening the file in a text editor but don’t know if anything is supposed to stand out as it doesn’t look off. It doesn’t even give an arror as to why it doesn’t open, it just doesn’t do anything.

Hi Qbearer, Within Visual Studio in the solution explorer window, have you tried right clicking on “Content.mgcb”? If you right click you will get the options of “Open” or “Open With”. From there you can select “Content.mgcb”.
Try those two choices and if that does not work, I’ll keep digging for you.

When I had this problem, this is what fixed it for me:

If for some reason, you can’t find the mgcb exe file, run the command:
dotnet tool install -g dotnet-mgcb-editor

this fixed it! thank you very much!!

Now I have the issue that the editor won’t do anything when I try to make a build :frowning: