Database for Game Developers (C#/VB.NET)

Apologies to those who thought the formulation of the original writing for this thread was seen as spam.

It was not meant to appear as such, its just that after over 42 years in the corporate development environments my technical writing has become rather “formal”.

So I will try to make this information less formal… :relaxed:

I have two data access layers (DALs) that I believe would be very helpful to the MonoGame Community for those developers that are writing their games using the .NET Framework (along with MonoGame).

Two of these DALs make for excellent desktop database applications, Firebird and SQLite.

The frameworks implemented in these software tools have been used for many years in my professional development endeavors so they are relatively stable in design. Everything that comes with each of the packages is completely free and open-source, including the database engines themselves.

You may download either one or both of the zip-file packages from the following links…

FIREBIRD - FB Helper 4.5

SQLITE - SQLite Helper 4.5

Please note the following…

  • The Firebird package comes with both the database engines as well as Firebird documentation. Firebird documentation is somewhat “thin” but an excellent reference manual you will find in this package is the Firebird_Language_Reference_25EN.pdf, which can be found in the “Docs” folder of the unzipped contents of the Firebird Database directory

  • The SQLite package comes with the free versions of the well received database manager, Database.NET. However, only the 32bit version of the package remains entirely free for your use. For a minimal fee you can request from the author a professional license but you really won’t require it for the type of database development you will need to do.

Also, please be aware that SQLite uses “generic” data types for the database, which takes specific .NET data types and converts them internally to the corresponding SQLIte data type. For example all .NET float, double, single and integer types will be seen from SQLite as either an INTEGER or a REAL.

If people new to database development need any help or have questions, please either reply to this thread or send me a note at


Note that I am allowing this post. It is not commercially oriented. It is free, open source database libraries for those who wish to use databases in their games.

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If anyone here is planning a game development effort for a multiplayer scenario and requires a data access layer for MySQL, please let me know on this thread and I will update my “MySQL Helper” software as well…

Just wanted to note that for those developers who wish to use the MySQL database, My MySQL Helper 4.5 is also available for download at the following link…

As with all my database access packages, the entire source code and project are included along with complete documentation both being freely distributed.

If enough people want to work with the PostgreSQL database engine, I will upgrade that package as well…