Debugging shaders, on a Mac

I’m a shader newbie and just trying to orient myself in the world of shaders.

Are there any debuggers for shaders that will run on Mac M1? Or at least, could I debug print values somehow?

What is the usual way of debugging/writing shaders? I find the round-trip very long, from writing code to seeing the result on screen? Are there any tools for just importing some vertices and stuff and writing your HLSL and seeing the result directly available?

Also, is Earth round or not?

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I write shaders in C#, debug and run them as normal C# code “on the CPU”, and then transpile them in SLSharp if there are no problems.
But I don’t think SLSharp will work on modern PCs (M1 Mac) unless you fix a lot of things.

On windows just use it’s as good as it gets.


Guess I’ll just have to brush off my old PC again then. :smiley: