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OMG !!! Have you changed it in new version…

Let me check the shaders of your new one… I am using your old version code since it gave me higher frame-rates…

Let me check… :smile:

for better performance in Recources / GameSettings.cs

In the ApplySettings() function

you can change

    g_EnvironmentMapping = true;
    g_SSReflection = true;

these to false

Of course unshadowed lights and non-volumetric lights are also faster

Thanks a lot!

I have got it working nicely after making these 2 params as FALSE.

I don’t want the reflection at the moment. I can enable it later on…

Thanks a lot, I will integrate with new one and let you know…


Dun have image-based lighting?

I guess so.

But it’s not physically acccurate if that’s what you mean. I would need access to mip maps for real time usage, but Monogame doesn’t allow that

here is an old gif about that

In my game “bounty road” I don’t use cube maps, instead I just use an environment strip and I calculate accurate lighting response there, but for cubemaps in the game I just take basic mip mapping and take a random guess at what looks good

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I have consequently implemented the bloom shader into the engine

The pipeline is now almost completely 16bit, so we can make more calculations. Either way the way lighting is handled now I can have bloom pick up the right stuff very reliably.

I can also have materials that are much brighter than default and have them evoke bloom.
Even if the block is not casting light itself the bloom makes it look convincing already

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This just keeps getting better :heart_eyes:


I would like to avoid blooming in PointLights, coz it looks like foggy.

Please let me know how to do that and Is it possible to have directional Light as well with latest engine?

One more thing, Is SSAO working fine with last update, please clarify?


Point lights are not “blooming” but they can have fog around them if you want them to.

AddPointLight(position: new Vector3(66, 0, 40),
radius: 120,
color: Color.White,
intensity: 120,
castShadows: true,
shadowResolution: 1024,
staticShadow: false,
isVolumetric: true); <--------------------

You can disable this in general with g_VolumetricLights = false

Ssao is not working right now, should i make it work again?

Great! Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

The latest one gives me good framerate.


Can you please enable the SSAO, make it optional with GameSettings?

One more problem I found is, My models are looking quite faded, the colors are not attractive.

But the old engine was showing the colors properly with same models. Any idea?

In settings, I disabled

g_TemporalAntiAliasing = false;
g_EnvironmentMapping = false;
g_SSReflection = false;

Is that an issue for fading look?

the textures are treated differently now, you can change that only in shaders or by transforming your material with rgb^(1 / 2.2)

I’ve made a quick video of the current state of the engine.

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Hi @kosmonautgames, Thanks for the latest update with SSAO.

Please let me know, Do I need change it in DefferedCompose Shader?


Yes you would need to comment out
diffuseColor.rgb = pow(abs(diffuseColor.rgb), 2.2f);


base = pow(abs(base), 1 / 2.2f);

in postprocessing.fx

Keep in mind that light intensities and values are different, so you need to adjust those probably.

Thanks a lot!

It worked, I hope it will not side affect anything other than Light Intensity, Am I right?

no it shouldn’t, it’s just the lighting that is calculated differently

Great, Thanks! Now I am going to update it with your today’s version. :slight_smile:

Hi @kosmonautgames,

A request on enhancing the engines realistic look, Can we have a soft shadow for Indoor[Point Lights] lighting.

The existing shadow may look convincing with Directional Light, But I believe Soft- shadows will give a realistic look.

Normal Shadow:


Please let me know Is it possible?

In case if it can be integrated with your engine what part has to be changed?

I hope the changes with shadow map and just blurring the shadow will give the same result or do we need ray trace?

Looking forward to your reply!

Thanks and Regards,

I think i have some form of soft shadows already in the engine, let me check, i think they are just not enabled for point lights

When I switched to ViewSpace lighting i didn’t fully update the lights with all the shadowing options, I will do that once I find time, but I won’t be able to do that today.