develop monogame 3.2 videoplalyer video option

Videoplayer.cs and video.cs is now included in the developer version of monogame 3.2

My question is based not on how to code the videoplalyer and video.cs as I am fine.

My question is what is the content pipeline process for running a wmv file or an xnb file as i’ve tried setting it to content and copy if newer.

I have no clue how to set the content project up that’s new or how to get it to really load video.

The newest monogame for windows(directx) has videoplayer.cs and video.cs clasess in it, while for the linux version you have to build it from the source and add few files from different sources for it to work. Here are the compiled versions for both:

Windows Monogame:!jNhgUZTB!-EZwHvIfTOB7BWq2455niPfqbW9aNC0ExVXl_faHAK4
Linux Monogame:!fARRXZSB!DeRG4-ByEwEwA0S7MEwUX5hqUOqXTLxTp3ubVoCnE9M

To use them simply remove monogame.framework, tao.sdl, opentk… references from the project, and replace them with the ones from the archives.


HRESULT: [0x80004002], Module: [General], ApiCode: [E_NOINTERFACE/No such interface supported], Message: No such interface supported

i did EXACTLY as you said sample project opened with those references from the windows download. this is the HRESULT error that I get do you understand what’s going on?

I have 3 questions:

  1. Does example code work for you?
  2. Do you have directx installed(all of it, since some people don’t know, but directx is basicllay a collection of libraries, and when a game installs it, it will install only the needed parts)?
  3. Are you using .wmv videos?

I am using wmv videos.

i use the example code and my own version of the code. both error free.

i have direct x installed.

What could it possibly be as I’m not incompetant as my github screams at the world. I get videoplayer to work but my app requires video player to work with the exact same VideoPlayer.cs and Video.cs method so i don’t have to RE WRITE THE WHOLE THING and i just can’t find a monogames solution for videoplayer on the windows platform.

android has it, mac has it, windows just doesn’t have it. the solution is just to use xna. but i dont want to i want to be one of those fancy dudes who release it with mono games for more publiciity.

here’s a demo of my game:

it’s leap motion

can someone tell me the answer please? I’ve been looking for it since january and every time a new release of monogames come out developer or build i try and it just doesn’t workk. I can code, honest. i just can’t get videoplayer.cs and video.cs to work outside of xna!

Private message me your skype username, I’ll help you out, it’s gonna be quicker if we use skype

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my skype name is or Just Jimmy Ellis.

Thank you kindly for offering help for this is THE GREAT PUZZLE OF LIFE THAT WILL NEVER BE SOLVED for me.

the problem was solved by “cra0zy” everyone it was great i’ve never seen the solution. a part of me trapped in lies in my heart died when isaw the video play on the screen. behold the true power of mono games!