Difference between Transparent and TransparentBlack

/// TransparentBlack color (R:0,G:0,B:0,A:0).
/// Transparent color (R:0,G:0,B:0,A:0).

It has no difference. I think it should be: TransparentBlack color (R:0,G:0,B:0,A:0) and Transparent color (R:255,G:255,B:255,A:0).

No it’s ok like that I think. Some colors have been defined wrongfully (for example I think light gray is darker than gray), but this is just an overdefinition.
In one case you just want a transparent color and rgb don’t matter so they just chose default - 0 and in the other case black with no alpha is expected.


Transparent denotes the alpha channel is has a value of zero. Rgb 0,0,0 is black 255,255,255 is white thus 255,255,255,0 would be transparent white 0,0,0,255 opaque black and 0,0,0,0 transparent black.
These values are of importance when blending colors under Non Premultiplyed alpha. Earlier versions of xna defaulted to that.