Differences in graphic display between MonGame (Visual Studio 2022) and XNA 4.0 (Visual Studio 2010)


Installed Visual Studio 2022 and MonoGame a few days ago. I managed to port one of my programs in XNA 4.0 to MonoGame. I experienced the following “problems”:

  1. My program runs in fullScreen. Also it uses Windows Forms for user input etc. In MonoGame this only worked well after adding “graphics.IsFullscreen = false;” If not, then the graphic screen is minimized as soon as a window is opened with no option to restore it.
  2. An opened window, opened from within my program is SMALLER then in the same program in XNA! Some sort of scaling?
  3. Text is printing much thinner than in XNA, try Tahoma, size 10, Bold!
  4. Using FileStream, FileStreamWriter and FileStreamReader only work when declared locally.

This is what I foud until now. Who has an explanation or remedy for these curiosities?