Directx12/Vulkan in the roadmap/Quarterly releases?

Disclaimer: I’ve not honestly been keeping up with monogame since school/work/other projects. So the plans may be in big bold text somewhere and I just missed it when I searched.

Are there any plans to update monogame to use the latest and greatest graphics APIs?
And if so, what would happen to games that want to support older hardware? How would such backwards compatibility be achieved for those of us who care?

And one last thing, whatever happened to the idea of releasing an update each quarter of the year (and “3.6 shipping in June”)? I guess that in one word it’s “life” since nobody is actually getting paid to do this. Though it’s not a problem, I understand that. I just wondered if there was an announcement that I missed regarding a change in release schedules or not.

This time a few things got in the way… work, life, and the SDL2 switch over.

Also shipping always makes me nervous because we honestly don’t know if any platform beyond Windows DirectX is broken. This is why I’ve been pushing hard for more unit tests in the code base and need to follow that up by running the unit tests on more platforms (like Mac, Windows UWP, iOS, etc).

If work stuff wasn’t so in the way I would have gotten the unit tests on more platforms which would have greatly lessened my current “ship shyness”.

Still it will happen… just delayed.

Ah, OK. Thanks for replying. I was afraid I missed some big announcement or something. Note that I didn’t intend the question as criticism or harshness. You folks at monogame are doing more than your fair-share already, in my opinion.