Does Monogame have any support for Geometry Shaders at the current time?

As of right now, does Monogame have support for geometry shaders?

I understand it might not be in the current release version or might only work on Direct X or only on OpenGL, or require certain settings, but does any support exist at all?

If not, will support exist at some time in the near future?

And if not that, is there any possibility to upload shaders directly to the graphics card? (So I can have both OpenGL and DirectX Geometry shaders that I run on my own, outside the effects systems.

It doesn’t… it is on our wishlist, but we have more critical issues to address first.

I can’t promise anything other than it will be there eventually. It could be this year, it could be next year. It just comes down to when someone does the work and it gets merged into the develop branch.

You have the full source code, so you can do anything you want. Just expose any APIs you need an go for it.

Just checking, since this is now a year old, are we still at the same status as far as geometry shader support?