Draw model with material

Working on using 3d models now.

Have first very simple programs running in which I load a model and draw the model.
For drawing the model I use the ‘public void Draw(Matrix world, Matrix view, Matrix projection)’ method.

Question/difficulty is with models with material.

I have some models in obj/mtl and gltf format.
Reading that I need to use the fbx processor for that in the content pipeline so I did.

But the models only show up without material applied.

Is there a (link to) an example/documentation which shows how to work with this ?

In MonoGame, models (vertex information) and materials (textures, etc.) are treated as separate contents (files) and are explicitly combined when rendering.

There is no single way to render 3D models in MonoGame.
There are a variety of methods, ranging from simple to cumbersome.

The simplest method is to use the Texture property of the BasicEffect class.