Empty GPU memory

First of all: Great work, MonoGame Team! It is very enjoyable to work with this framework.

I am currently developing a visualization based on MonoGame for displaying and manipulating 3D models loaded via a STEP importer. The actual application is WPF based. Hence, for MonoGame integration, I have basically used the WPF Interop Sample.

So far, so good. However, every now and then, usually after extended periods of time working with this tool, I get a out of memory error from SharpDX:

I tried to track down the error, but was not able to find what’s causing it so far. Usually, it happens upon refreshing the GPU vertex and index buffers. Maybe I am not disposing something correctly? GPU Caps viewer shows me that I have a slowly increasing memory consumption of the GPU during run time. Does anyone have any experience with this or related error messages? How does the GPU handle memory? Is there a way to manually flush it every now and then?

Thanks in advance!

The error was apparently connected to creating the buffer too frequently. It’s now resolved.