Error opening stream in ContentManager [SOLVED]

I am receiving in error in a select few Android devices when loading a texture through the content manager. Most of these phones/tablets are version 4.4.2ish, but a few are even in in later versions such as 8.0. So all that to say, it happens randomly in about 10% of the phones. The error (“Opening stream error”) occurs during loading content, specifically on this line of code:

Here is the error:

I have tried cleaning the entire solution, rebuilding the Content.mgcb, ensuring that the characters2.png is the same png format as the other pngs, ensuring that the build action in the content manager is identical to the other pngs.

I have also changed the order of the load. I thought that the phones might be running out of memory, so I shifted that line of code to be loaded further down the list, but it still crashes on that line of code. Plus all the textures combines only use up 12MB of memory total, so it’s not that much.

I am completely out of ideas. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.

That is a dumb error. Either a bug in certain androids or a bug in the content pipeline, not really sure. Finally found the answer here: This Has Me Stumped... Failing to Load PNG on Droid 4.1.1