Errors with AssemblyInfo.cs

I was trying to build the iOS MG project from source. I referenced the StbImageSharp and StbImageWriteSharp projects from the ThirdParty folder since they are needed. And when I clicked the build button, a bunch of errors popped up. Seemingly that has something to do with StbImageSharp’s AssemblyInfo… Can someone help me with this issue? Thanks very much in advance!

/Users/Greyp/Desktop/MonoGame/ThirdParty/StbImageSharp/src/StbImageSharp/obj/Release/net45/StbImageSharp.AssemblyInfo.cs(12,12): Error CS0579: Duplicate ‘System.Reflection.AssemblyCompanyAttribute’ attribute (CS0579) (MonoGame.Framework.iOS)

Can anyone offer some insight into this issue? Basically I just want to build the iOS MG project on my Mac…

I removed the AssemblyInfo.cs files from the obj folder in the StbImageSharp project, and the number of errors reduced. However, even if I removed the AssemblyInfo.cs file from the MG source project, I was not able to get rid of these errors:

Not sure if it is an issue with Visual Studio for Mac or not. I wonder if it was just me, or is there anyone who has encountered the same problem?