Exception when using multiple RenderTargets with preferredMultiSampleLevel > 0 [NEZ]

I’m currently using a modified Version of Nez to create a 3D board game with MonoGame 3.8.0 DesktopGL.
Because so far AA was disabled, I decided to activate it by setting the preferredMultiSampleLevel to 8, which at first glance works wonderfully. That is until I decide to switch Scenes, which causes that Application to crash, where Nez decides to switch RenderTargets to the new one. It gives off the following exception:

The Stack Trace shows that the exception was triggered in external code, so it seems to be a MonoGame-internal exception.

Is this sort of reaction intended? Are you only supposed to have one single RenderTarget with AA or is it a bug?

Could you send the stack trace? It would help narrow down the problem

I’m unfortunately using the NuGet version, so past GraphicsDevice.SetRenderTargets() the stack trace only says “External Code”

It’s hard to tell without a stack trace, but it’s likely

var glFramebuffer = this.glFramebuffers[this._currentRenderTargetBindings];

on line 797 of GraphicsDevice.OpenGL.cs. However, I don’t know if this is an error on the side of Nez or MonoGame.