Eyez - Spatial Puzzle Platformer

Hey guys, I have ported my game Eyez from WP to iOS and it is now available on the Apple App Store! This game has been featured many times on the Windows Phone Store and has been well-received by WP users around the world. If you have an iOS device, please check it out! =)

=Background of this project=
Eyez is my MFA thesis project at the Interactive Media Division of the University of Southern California.

Today, with the support of increasingly powerful hardware and software, we can almost recreate photorealistic reproductions of our physical world. Many videogame developers are still trying to design and build worlds in their games based on the spatial rules and common sense in the physical world in order to offer more “authenticity”.

Eyez is a 2D action/puzzle game where players are required to think and play based on the spatial logic set in the game that intentionally explores and utilizes “unauthentic” spatial perception. The goal of this project is to create new and satisfying user experiences in game space other than just simply transferring existing “authentic” experiences from physical space into game space.

By simply adding the option for the player to switch the game space between the Blue-Eye Mode (Screen-wrapping Mode) and the Red-Eye Mode (Screen-locking Mode), a traditional 2D platformer game can offer a totally different gaming experience from its peers.

=Game Description=
Eyez is a 2D puzzle platformer where you play as the protagonist Mint, a girl who lost her memory, to explore a mysterious lonely land. Use the Blue Eye to traverse the borders of her shattered reality, and open the Red Eye to expel her nightmares. Eyez presents spatial logic in gameplay like you’ve never seen before.


  • Use the Blue Eye and Red Eye abilities to explore 30+ mind-bending levels
  • Change the way you think about space in game by solving tons of challenging puzzles
  • Unique control schemes designed specifically for touch-screen controls
  • Beautiful hand-drawn animations and cutscenes

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App Preview Video:

Gameplay Demonstration Video (Level 1-10):

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