Failed to load library: libSDL2-2.0.0.dylib

Hey all,

I’ve been having this issue with my iOS project properly running. An intermittent issue occurs where the iOS app fails to load the SDL2 library. Usually re-creating the project fixes the issue for a bit, and I can continue development, but it’s getting pretty annoying to keep doing that. I’ve also seen posts about this issue on Mac OS X, but the fixes don’t seem to be working on my iOS project. This is happening when I deploy to iOS on both my Mac and Windows PC.

I’m using the DesktopGL and iOS project templates (v3.8.0.1641) for my Desktop and iOS projects, and then I’m using the Portable project template (v3.7.1.189) for my common code project.

I’m wondering if anyone else has seen this problem and can give me some advice. Appreciate the help!

I got the same issue, the google search leads me here. Sadly, no one has responded yet :frowning:
How were you with the issue, did you get it resolved?