Failed to strip binary - have you seen this error?

I know this is more a Xamarin error than Monogame, but I figured it was worth asking the question…

My iOS game builds and runs fine in debug mode on both simulator and device - but trying to build the app store version gives me this error:

Error MT5204: Failed to strip the final binary. Please review the build log. (MT5204)

Has anyone here had to deal with this before, and if so - how did you get past it?

I’ve got Xamarin looking into it, but like I said - I figured it was worth asking.


Check your link option. It probably differs from your debug and store builds.

No joy, I’m afraid. Moreover the support guys at Xamarin say that my code builds for them…

I’m wondering if it’s something to with earlier problems I had - I tried to install an older version of Xcode some time back which cause the machine to Kernel Panic, and while I managed to get things up and running, I was never confident that this old version had been fully removed: there was an instance where the Xamarin studio build was trying to execute a file and because it was still finding the old Xcode version, it was falling over. Deleing this file fixed the problem - I’m wondering if the same might be true for whatever does this “strip” process…

Is there anyone on here more Mac-savvy than me who knows about these sort of things who can advise?


Turns out that my suspicion was correct - the old version of Xcode had left a copy of the strip executable in /usr/bin, and this was getting picked up in preference to the correct version. A few permission changes and a rename later, and we’re building correctly in AppStore configuration.

Thanks @daveleaver for your thoughts on this!