Feel like I'm going crazy but can't find downloads?

I had MonoGame for Mac installed before but deleted it. But trying to reinstall it the website has changed and I don’t see a downloads link. I clicked on “Getting Started” but that just goes straight from “Setting Up Your Dev Environment” which includes Installing .Net, Install MonoGame templates, and the optionals. Then jumps straight to Creating Your First Project.

I still had my monogame extension in Visual Studio but it was greyed out. Which I found here. Which said that it was because they didn’t have MonoGame installed. But I still can’t find it. And when I Google MonoGame downloads it just shows me a version of the Getting Started page but in the docs.

That’s because when you create your project MonoGame will be included as a NuGet package on your C# project. There’s no explicit installer on the newest version. Just follow the steps in “Create your first project”, investigate the csproj file that is created and you’ll see the packages

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