Fire in the Mole! (a Bomberstein?)

Hey community!

I have recently been working on “Fire in the Mole” which was a bit of a Bomberman meets Wolfenstein 3D. It’s not really much more than a very early prototype, and I suspect I won’t take it much further either because it isn’t really that fun!

Anyway, it’s built in Monogame with a ray casting engine and for what is basically only really my 2nd stab at doing a game dev I’m pretty pleased and wanted to share it.

Fire in the Mole! on YouTube

I’d love to create a proper video for it at some point - but I’d like to get some 4-player footage recorded properly and do some editing etc.

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Are you using viewports?

Will have a peak at the videos, thanks for sharing!


Hi! @MattDrivenDev, Welcome to the Community!

Happy Coding!

Thanks :slight_smile:

No ViewPorts - manually clipped at the moment. But, it was on my todo list:

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Manually clipping? do you mean drawing to a render target and then some memory shuffling magic? like the NES?

I wasn’t even using a RenderTarget2D, no.

I created my own split-screen renderer class that buffered each player’s view then scaled it and clipped it to the four areas of the screen. I occasionally had some fun figuring out why objects from Player 1’s quarter were showing in Player 2 or 3’s quarter - but it was just that - fun :slight_smile:

But, once I saw others using other methods I think I figured I should probably refactor it to use those methods… but like I said, it just isn’t a lot of fun so was time to move onto the next project for me.

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MattDrivenDev/FireInTheMole: Bomberman meets Wolfenstein 3D (a Bomberstein!?) (

Specifically here for the rendering business: FireInTheMole/Renderers/ProjectionRenderer.cs at main · MattDrivenDev/FireInTheMole (

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I like what you did here:

FireInTheMole/Settings.cs at main · MattDrivenDev/FireInTheMole (

I do something similar…

Should definitely load it from an ini or settings file or whatever; but hardcoded values was quick. I think the rest of the repo shows that I happily ignored most of the “sensible” coding principles along the way! :slight_smile:

Oh, I should add that this Heretic Project was a huge inspiration: Heretic in MonoGame (Wolf3D style raycasting) - Showcase - Community | MonoGame So, thanks @u2roka!

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Oh wow, somehow that one slipped me by… ah I know why… but cool!


I should mention, thanks for bringing that showcase entry up!

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A little update here - I think I’m going to put another tranche of work into this game now that I’ve had some playtesting sessions here… both times managed to maintain attention spans for about an hour and had lots of laughing, smiling, and all the positive feedback that I think that I needed to want to put more of myself into this project.

Doing a little bit of refactoring work before kicking off, and already have a list of improvements ready.

Let’s see where another month or two can take this project.

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