Flip and draw Texture2D horizontally

Is it possible to draw a texture2D object which is flipped horizontally in a specific origin. It looks like that it flips the texture2d in a weird way, I do not know the origin of the flipping, but as far as I can tell, the origion parameter does not change the SpriteEffects.FlipHorizontally 's origin.
I’m using spritesheets at the moment.

I’ve tried to set the Vector2 Scale in the draw function to (-1,1), but then it disappears, however, if I set it to (-1,-1) then it flips horizontally and vertically aswell… why is that? Why can’t I set it to (-1,1) to flip it horizontally?

Any work around solution?

To flip an image horizontally, simply pass “SpriteEffects.FlipHorizontally” as effect to the draw call.


Yes I know, but the problem is that it’s origin is at (0,0), I want to set a specific origin for the flipping. Is that possible?

i just posted this up for reference maybe the draw overload will help
2d orgins and rotations

some steps

translate image to -image.h/2 and -image.w/2
multiply this matrix with scale(1,-1,1)
translate back

draw quad with this transformation, and its flipped with origin at the midle of the picture