Framerate wont go over 75fps

I’ve tried changing targetElapsedTime and setting fixedTimestep and SyncwithVeritcalRetrace to false, but the highest framerate I can achieve is 75 fps. It’s possible to lock it at something lower, like for example, 32, but it wont go any higher than 75.

Make sure your graphics card isnt overiding global settings.

Platform and GPU interface (GL/DX)?

I had no problems hitting 700+ FPS in garbage toys.

Vsync may be enforced in windowed mode.And your monitor is probably 75hz thus, you only get 75 fps in windowed or “borderles windowed full screen mode”

I’m in windowed, but my monitor is 60hz. Also, other games don’t have this issue even though I always play windowed or borderless

Windows 10 with gtx950

This might sound stupid, but did you apply the changes to the GraphicsDeviceManager after disabling SynchronizeWithVerticalRetrace?