Friflo.Engine.ECS - New archetype based C# ECS with focus 🎯 on performance, cache locality and DX

After four months of passionate development the C# library and its API turned into a stable state.

GitHub: Friflo.Engine.ECS -

The focus of this ECS implementation is performance and providing an easy to use API.

Its features addresses the typical use cases in game development.


  • Entities acting as a container of components, tags, scripts and child entities

  • Component structs to store entity data

  • Tag structs added to entities used as query filters

  • Script classes to implement behavior in the common OOP way - optional

  • Observe entity changes like add / remove: component, tag, script and child entities

  • Performant queries by filtering by component & tag types

  • Support vectorization (SIMD) of components returned by a query

  • Entity hierarchy that can be integrated in an Avalonia UI - TreeDataGrid

  • JSON Serialization of entities

  • Reliability ensured by 99.9% test code coverage

Check out the benchmark results at:

This benchmark runs on a pretty old toaster. On Systems with newer CPU & memory like Mac Mini M2 the difference to other implementations increases. :slightly_smiling_face:

Appreciate feedback and also a :star: on GitHub

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