Game Window Isn't Resizing Height

My problem is exactly what it says: When I resize the GameWindow’s height, the window moves instead of resizing. The width behaves as expected though. I have a method that updates the GraphicsDeviceManager when the window is resized. However, when I don’t call that method, the issue goes away. The issue is also not with my Width and Height properties because I logged the GameWindows bounds to the output window and the height on that wasn’t changing either. If anyone knows what’s happening, that would be useful.

window.ClientSizeChanged += new EventHandler<EventArgs>(Window_ClientSizeChanged);

public static void Window_ClientSizeChanged(object sender, EventArgs e)
        Width = window.ClientBounds.Width;
        Height = window.ClientBounds.Height;

EDIT: I fixed the issue by calling GraphicsDeviceManager.ApplyChanges after changing the width and height, previously, setting each would call it.

Try switching the hardware mode switch on and back off before and after resizing.

I tried that. It’s not a fullscreen issue though. Should I post a video of what I’m experiencing?

Yes please

Here is the video. As you can see I’m able to resize the width, but when I try resizing the height, the window just moves. I’ll repeat that not updating the graphics device manager when the window is resized causes this issue to disappear.

I don’t know if that’s what you’re searching for, but GameWindow has a flag (AllowUserResizing) that makes MonoGame handle the window resizing automatically.

About your code, I don’t know why it behaves like it does, but anyways I don’t understand why you’re setting Width and Height for a window that already have been resized and has the correct values.
Window_ClientSizeChanged is called after the window has been resized. And on top of that, MonoGame has probably handled it for you (my bet is that your AllowUserResizing is already true)

AllowUserReszing is enabled. That’s how I’m resizing the window. I’m setting the width and height for the GraphicsDeviceManager because that doesn’t automatically update.

I switched the order of which axis I was resizing and realized that the problem is that only the first one is applied to the graphics device manager.

Height = window.ClientBounds.Height;
Width = window.ClientBounds.Width;

Now I can resize the height of the window, but trying to resize the width moves the window.