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So, I have hit Chapter 3:

And now, wondering if I should get that thread started now that I have Vimeo set up as well.
That 500MB video per week storage limit is very restrictive but I love the clean interface of Vimeo, YT is just a mess in that regard, yes I can get used to both, but that’s not the point, besides, Vimeo is just better :stuck_out_tongue:,

So, I can attempt to keep my videos under 50mb each for a total of 10 videos a week, but they are going to be simply 10 seconds long at 1080p60… need to install a video editing suite to bring it down to 1080p24… however, I do plan to upgrade to Vimeo Pro next month, so time shall reveal what happens next.

The new thread and videos will be showcase clips, however I may field some Q&A’s in that thread from time to time.

Happy Coding!

Hey, anyone know how Switch development works? How can we test? And what’s the procedure?

Assuming it’s all OpenGL based?

Maybe mention that initialize is called before loadcontent, and/or why you wouldn’t just initialize everything in the loadcontent method…

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This makes sense, as frankly, even I - Yet - do not fully understand what Initialise is for, perhaps this time next year I will understand it more.

Have you seen my latest thread tutorial.


No, where would I look to find it?

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Initialize is basically for things that can’t work till the constructor has completed but also need to be fully set up or initialized before the things in load use or call them.

For the most part you leave it empty and if you ever need it to solve such a problem then you use it.

Traditionally when a static method returns a newly created object instance or when a new object has its values set up depending on some other objects values.
Such that their is a ordered construction A then B then C that is typically coined to be a Initialization vs simply a Construction.


So, tis the season of misery for some and joy for others, so, with that said, I want to take the chance to say, seasons greetings, travel safe, consume with care and if you disappear until the Januaries, happy new year to you all too.

Code Well folks! :clinking_glasses:

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Anybody else thinking, XBOX SERIES X is the announcement for DX13? it’s kinda overdue…

Out of curiosity, what kind of tutorials/guides are people looking for?

Happy New Year!


I second that :smiley:


Happy 12,020 guys!

For those wondering, Kurzgesagt.


I know I’m 5 days late, but happy new year!

What’cha everyone working on? I’m currently wrestling with implementing usable networking for my tank shooter game. And by “usable” I mean “initial version that’s crap but has as little desyncs as possible just so I have something working”. X)

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Engine building, has been on pause for few weeks, broken ankle…

Ugh, good luck with recovery. I’m already 4 months sick (got sick as soon as I got my Master’s degree by the end of september), and finding the will for gamedev was hard… or for anything tbh.

Why does networking have to be so hard… even with two instances of game on same PC I’m getting massive desyncs lofr

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Networking works best as an architecture, or more:

I think that covers the bases lol

But code wise, yeah, must build with intent from the ground up.

And then optimise like nuts.


I’ve implemented client-server with one player as a server due to lack of funding for the dedicated server, and it works… but games desync almost instantly. I’ll need to figure out proper communication system (probably some kind of sending state at frame X + sending events for N frames), but… that’s work X)

Not to mention there are other things I need to massively improve… sigh

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If I recall correctly, the Host controls everything, clients rely on the host’s timing factors, but yeah, a lot to pick up on including that thing with predictive movement…

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I’m currently working on this here (https://store.steampowered.com/app/341570) and I’m implementing some kind of ‘team’ mode for the players to keep the group together in between levels… And I ran into the ‘elect a server’ problem lol. Takes me back in time when I studied computer science. So I implemented the Bully Algorithm and a test-suite aso asf…
So I’m essentially stuck with the game right now… should release to get it over with…

The synchronizing thing… Most of the time it’s float-comparisons or random-number-decisions.
I rolled my own float-equals (with a margin epsilon) and a random-number-generator based on simplex-noise with (N-Player) dimensions (tracks) (so the server knows what the next number client x draws will be).
Keeps the server-engine mostly in-sync with the client-engines. Desyncs after 10-20 seconds most of the time. But I send the game-state to synchronize the clients every 5 seconds. So that’s working fine.
DM for chat if you need someone to talk to :smiley: