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Well, you know, C’est La Vie :flag_fr: :smirk:

Look into .Net Core < linked to something with some useful information…

Consider going freelance, that way you can work anywhere :slight_smile:

Actually @Alkher how well do you know CUDA?

I’m not an expert with CUDA. I would say I have an average level. I’m still improving my skills but i can do nice things.

I meant to say, How familiar are you, brain not working today…

Could be interesting to combine CUDA with MonoGame in future, just a thought…

Maybe there are some common concepts between CUDA and geometryshaders + computeshaders, I’ve never used these though.
But if CUDA can be used to do something I’ll dig into it :slight_smile:

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Isn’t CUDA basically just a more powerful but less portable variant of HLSL/GLSL/… compute shaders? There is amazing stuff CUDA can do for rendering in general, path tracing or expensive physics/fluid simulations, but the fact that it’s restricted to NVIDIA GPU’s is a big downside for games.

CUDA is a parrallel processing system…

I was thinking more in a Non-Gaming Scenario, like Scene Rendering or something…

Perhaps OpenCL is a better choice…

Response to code-joke:

Whats the string[] overload for?

Well it seems, you count to 100 sheep, (as if that somehow has any bearing on whether or not user is asleep) … At which point you declare the user to be asleep…

Having done so, you proceed to message the user that they are now asleep.

Which in itself is a little funny… Giving feedback you know falls on deaf ears :slight_smile:

Am I missing something here? Feel free to fill me in!

Who, me? -I don’t have a choice! I live in scandinavia… We only get people up here during the summer thaw :slight_smile:

The lakes are frozen, and the bears in hibernation. Forum chatter is all we have for the next 9 months…

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The joke was, you had to press something to continue the program :stuck_out_tongue: which means you are still awake to end the app :stuck_out_tongue: also, you would probably grow tired of doing so by the end of the app hahahaha

string[], inserted by default when creating a console app in VS…

I am making headway in my blog engine and had an amazing idea hit me suddenly today… I love programming :heart_exclamation:

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Oh, dang, I thought it would only CHECK for input, not require it!

But yeah… The love… I feel it too :slight_smile: How awesome is programming? Even when I’m not programming (I can go days without) I still think about it…

But then again, it IS LITERALLY magic, so whats not to love?

One day, I’ll meet a girl who programs, and I’ll stick a ring on her… JUST for that :slight_smile:

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Science IS Magic, and as Computers are a by-product of Science, anything relating to them coincidently IS MAGIC :heart_decoration: SCIENCE!

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“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” - Arthur C. Clarke


I would say I agree with this, more or less. This is what was explained to me when i started. But i would add it is easier, the use of the gpu is transparent, i mean you dont have to manage textures.

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I was thinking about that but forgot who it was attributed to… :thumbsup:

It would be movie material to find out there’s just me and one other guy on here, and hes just logging into different accounts to make this all seem legit…

Better go to sleep mode…

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I just found this little gem, thought you might like it:


Also this site is useful:

Look at this one…

Can you guess what happened in October? :stuck_out_tongue:

I dont know if I should…

I noticed these dips when Microsoft announces new devices :stuck_out_tongue: such as the Surface Book release, I saw a dip in MacBook usage…

At almost every /BUILD conference for the past few years you would have seen a lot of MacBook’s in the journalist section of the seats… and now… more and more Surface devices… the same reporters who used to use MacBook’s…

Not starting a flame war here, just an observation… :smoking:

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Oh god, I would have taken that in a WHOLE other direction!
Good thing I kept my typers in line!

Good observation though…!

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Is it just me that is having issues with the main thread not updating anymore? I have to force refresh it, did something change in the cache or something?

It used to update automatically when on the page itself and tell you that there are new posts, however it is no longer doing that for a few days now…

Anyway aside from a broken hand, I am finally making headway into ASP.NET again, reached Chapter 8 in this book, and it is 38 pages deep, 229-267 of 734… Chapter 8 is on Navigation… it is going to be real fun! as the next chapter touches on Databases!