General Showcase Thread

Finally going somewhere! Though I spent 45 minutes trying to figure out exact ‘Position’ and ‘Origin’ for the weapons…

Now to make some dummy targets, which will then also be used as AI ships to try and test things before attempting to add multiplayer functionality.

I made some screen transitions for fun

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Neat! Is it just pixel shaders that take two textures and an interpolation value?

Yeah, the basic idea is that i save the state before the transition to a rendertarget and then fade/transition out the rendertarget based on time.

I’ve implemented some basic motion blur on the balls for testing.

I like the previous one with circular shaped transition looks like something out of a sci fi movie.

I’ve implemented the basics of Order-independent transparency from Morgan Mcguire’s papers.

OIT aims to solve one of the biggest hurdles of 3d graphics in that we have to sort transparent objects before drawing, or they will not correctly blend. With this technique the order of drawing does not matter, but it’s more expensive and not perfect either.

nothing fancy, but interesting regardless


Hmm, so drawing in any order, regardless of blending… must be expensive…

it’s kinda ok, the big slowdown in this scene is the dragon with ludicrous amounts of polygons.

If i take it out, and only compute on the three planes i get 2000 fps, otherwise 800. As with all transparency overdraw is a factor and in this case it’s only little overlapping.

I would need to try with a lots of meshes i guess.

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how this technique benefit in deferred rendering?

it benefits any rendering because you dont have to worry about ordering your stuff. For particles for example you don’t have to sort them by distance to camera.

which mean i can have partial transparent object render together in Gbuffer?

no the g-buffer cannot do transparents by design, at least a traditional one.

Guerilla Games do build a g-buffer Atlas per particle though, which is an interesting hybrid.

I’ve rounded out (!) my transitions with a circle transition.

They have a very smooth border, but the gif compression makes it seem a bit blocky since the limited color range can’t interpolate well (no dithering)

Honestly though, the only one really satisfying and undistracting is the swipe. I’m probably gonna use that one in all future projects that have more than one screen state.

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:sweat_smile: I see what you did there :stuck_out_tongue:


Nice i like that radial blur that is pretty cool reminds me of something you see in a movie were someones been hit over the head.

hey kosmo did you see my perspective zoom
its not exactly a shader effect but i got the idea from your star wars swipes.
I was thinking hyperdrive lol

i just smooth scroll the perspective fov from 180 degrees to like 10 in a few seconds.

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I’ve made a new shader playground, since I couldn’t think of anything else which would be interesting.

So here’s the first effect, a radial blur with several passes. Pretty fast, too, so I’m happy.


another shader, this time less useful


some parameter changes yield interesting results


Ain’t it monogame that has problems with models ? (Ain't there a problem with models and their texture in MG ?)
There is already FBX viewer from autodesk to test models and not only FBX ones.

@kosmonautgames the second gif is hypnotizing me ^^ Would be a nice animated wallpaper

If you test with the autodesk viewer you verify that the exported FBX works with the autodesk viewer. (it’s a tautology but I don’t know how else to explain it!)

A custom viewer also tests that it works correctly with the ModelImporter (either XNA or MG) and the ModelProcessor or your custom AnimationProcessor.

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