General Showcase Thread

Ah now I see, yes I meant the selection overlay in the video…

No, I have the bug with the gizmo in my renderer and just wanted to know, if the rotation works with your gizmo in your engine. If so, I could look it up some time, although at the moment not so motivated to work on the renderer :blush:

I overlooked that this is the general showcase thread, thought it was the thread for your engine.

Ya’ll what’s crackin’ here peepz! ^ _ ^ y some early video feed of my current development running on both Desktop and Android ^_^y at least on 60 FPS :smile:


Another GeonBit example - particle systems (+ skybox & camera controller)

cool, is there a game already or do they fly randomly?

cool stuff - is it using GPU particles?

Not yet. GPU-based particles are a little more limited (depends on how complicated I want the shader to be) so I’m making a CPU particle system and GPU-based particle system separately.

Found this tutorial which looks promising

Hi Sir Kosmo!

It’s a little bit playable the video feed is on attack mode, I can now tell the Squadron to MOVE back to base, ATTACK it will choose it’s own path to the nearest Enemy with simple Attack and Avoidance AI , PROTECT an entity and or to STOP.

With the current state of my game engine I can easily create a 3D Galaga style with dynamic pre defined Bezier curved path :smile:

I was having the hard time implementing the Trail, all trails now is render in one go and facing the camera, rather than rendering it one by one.

Since my target is Android Device I’m currently busy porting my existing Winform GUI style from HTML5/JavaScript/TypeScript to MonoGame ^_^y it’s touch compliance already.

I’m porting this to MonoGame:

I am working on a Color Correction Filter, which you guys should easily be able to integrate into your games :slight_smile:

EDIT: More info + download here:


I’m working hard on integrating Signed Distance Fields into the engine. First results with soft shadows


cool, does it still work like cubemap shadow with different filter or just different approach?

different approach altogether.

so, the final shadow ouput still store in cubemap form?

It would be definitively faster with computeshaders ! :slight_smile: but we have to deal with the things we have.

I was wondering if I would add SDF after reading unreal4 papers, but as my engine is space dedicated, it would not be very usefull I think, but you are working on a nice feature :wink:

Well, to revive this thread a bit.

I first wanted an experimet a little with Noise algorithms and their use in map generation, and of course, Monogame was quickest to do it.

It seems I went overboard with it.

Basically, map uses multiple OpenSimplex passes to generate terrain, forests, biomes and resources, and by multiplying the input with certain factors, I can control how the map is generated.

Now, the question is, how to progress from here…


This seems like the least obnoxious place to do so, so I’m promoting my game here. It’s not groundbreaking, but it showcases the basics that MonoGame can accomplish and what I think is most important - that MonoGame does save you from having to work with Android and iOS separately.

It’s a simple puzzle game, where the objective is to move over each tile in the level.

Download links:
Android – Google Play Store
iOS – Apple App Store

The community has generally been very helpful - thank you guys. I couldn’t have done it without your help. Still, there remain some issues (ie the S8 flickering as mentioned in this thread and as far as I can see no iPhoneX support). For everyone working on or adding to MonoGame, thanks for all you do - hope you’ll continue to push MonoGame to be better and better.


You can always post a standalone thread, this is just a cumulative thread, so people can just go down one thread and see random concepts…

Original Paper Mario Tattle replication with a RenderTarget zooming in on the enemy (reference).

EDIT: Replaced with shareable link. It was private.

I think your link’s down @Kimimaru. That sounds like fun; I always liked reading up more on enemies in my games (the Yoshi’s Island on DS has a really good enemy zoo you can populate which I haven’t seen in other games too, if that’s something you’d go for).

Anyways, I feel like I’ll weigh in with an update on my progress while I’m here (a montage of my progress after one year working on my love letter to early 3D games):

Ain’t gonna lie, making the mechanics and engine has been fun. But actually making a game using those mechanics can get quite stressful. There’s so much subjectivity on what makes a game fun. Actually designing a level or settling on a mechanic can be a far greater challenge than programming a physics engine. tl;dr, give your level editors a thank you letter next time you see them :stuck_out_tongue:


I wrote up a class that stores pixel data of previous frames and can export a frame as an image or a set of frames as a GIF. It uses ImageSharp for the exporting. You can use it to make a GIF exporter built into your game, which is pretty neat. Here’s a gist with the code and a small sample project:

And the amazing result:


This would make a nice addition to a official monogame extras or utility namespace.

Replication of the text system from the first two Paper Mario games, utilizing “control codes,” which are HTML-like elements in a piece of text that have a variety of effects on the text’s behavior.


All the effects are achieved in one big string ran through a parser. The scrolling and input prompts are also control codes themselves. More details and source here.