GitHub - dotnet/wpf: + Monogame control

re: GitHub - dotnet/wpf: WPF is a .NET Core UI framework for building Windows desktop applications. is now a netcore 6 open source project… Avalonia was/is the open source clone of wpf, but has tons of forks and issues… there is Myra which uses monogame to render and might have enough scalable UI, for some tooling , but i want a full IDE like experience with touch and pens docking tabs and scripting and all that. its for level editing and testing the game at least on windows. Has anyone tried to runnng netcore WPF on a mac or a linx box…? or an ARM surface?

i am using legacy closed sourced licensed and docking and i dont now how much docking comes with wpf open source… i just need to like stick the script to one side… game window here, properly, data, inspectors, and visualizers here and there… … I don’t have a debugger stepping thing, but code completion but lot of people make really good c# tools like Notepad++ that debug C# so i must be lacking knowledge.

dthere are two out there to put MG graphics in WPF and both don’t work for me now .
GitHub - craftworkgames/MonoGame.WpfCore: MonoGame embedded inside a WPF app. and one my marc stan, both not been updated and only directX … would it be possible to generalize and retrieve the backing store via SDL? mine broke and im wondering if its a good idea… to fix it or to move towards another framework or way to intergrate MG 3.81 to wpf…net6.

wpf its not abandoned like UWP, its not bad for tooling and if my level editor could be deployed… i could use it to build a modding community… i AMusng rosyln, ccscript, and plugins … so i can change the physics update, draw code, or Ai while im running the game, i can see the changes and at least inspect variables , not quite debug it. just wondering if i should even bother fixing the direct X way to render to to the image and stick it in the canvas… or it theres a general way under openGL…SDL to make a graphics device service, ie… to embedded into another framework, via image, shared backing store, render target etc.