HDR images, content pipeline

So, I need to load hdr 32bit fpoint image. I found year old discussion about adding .hdr support for your content tool after I found out that it simply fails while trying to process them. Since I´ve uninstalled XNA (let´s same it caused some interference) I´ve grabbed XNB convertor and tried it, it worked but according to size and behavior it produced just LDR xnb version of HDR file.

I can´t confirm this is XNA behavior, I kinda hope it is not. But what is your plan regarding this?

Important edit on that matter: Installed XNA again, ofc there is possible to choose what happens with texture format and it is in fact possible to create .xnb with HDR values.

It would be definitely nice to have HDR support.

I know you are trying to mimic XNA but if you would accept some modernization then I would like to mention that OpenEXR would be nice addition / replacement for .hdr format.

I’m not familiar with the requirements for supporting HDR. Is it 32-bit RGBA floating point texture support that you’re looking for? The texture content pipeline changes I have in-progress do handle textures as 32-bit floating point internally while converting from one format to another, so adding this shouldn’t be too difficult in the content pipeline side of things.

Supporting OpenEXR as an import format would be a matter of interfacing with the OpenEXR native library to import the file.

Yeah, I need 32 RGBA floating point texture. For now I solved it by compiling that texture through XNA, but it would be nice to be able to use Mono content pipeline so I don´t have to use multiple tools.

OpenEXR would be quite a bit of pain, personally I am happy with HDR and DDS 32-bit floating point formats.

Note: I´ve run into bit of strange gamma behavior while working with XNA xnb file created from .hdr, I will check if dds source will behave same.

Anyway if anyone would like to know why I needed hdr background: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TZVxyPx5Afo&feature=youtu.be

Background itself for sure needs some tunning, I just have to bash something for testing, but you will get the point.

I’ve spent last night trying to build the latest FreeImage (in the hope of fixing another issue on Mac) which has more support for loading HDR formats, including OpenEXR. But of course building an open-source C++ project is never as simple as extract, make, profit, despite what their README says.

You mention that 32-bit floating point textures built with XNA work with MonoGame, so it appears that our runtime side has things covered. With my forthcoming texture pipeline changes, it will hopefully cover the content pipeline side of things.

Okay, great… yeah it works, just obviously for that specific texture processor has to be set to do not change format, default convert it into Color surface which is of course LDR but I´ve noticed your pipeline processor already got TextureFormat settings so this should be alright.