⏱ Heads Up, CodePlex Archive Going Down Soon! <420 Hours

OH NO, you used 7z… I hope I can open those… but I will just archive them, anyway, downloading one at a time…

Any luck with that site?

Also Mega is a bit broken for me but I think I am making headway, not sure where it is downloading to though…


Mega crashed my browser

Literally cannot access it now :frowning:

It asked for permission to use local storage and no idea where that is and then my browser derped

Why wouldn’t you be able to open a 7z file? It should work if you manually open 001 when they’re all in the same folder.

Have you tried Chrome or Firefox?

Unfortunately, I cannot install them for reasons…

I cannot access that site anymore…


I am not installing that… I have 4.5TB of space locally, it’s annoying…

I don’t know where this space it mentions is

What file sharing method would you suggest then?

I’ll keep them up on Mega as well

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I don’t understand why I cannot just download, and they gated their download options, would pay, but I restrict what apps I use for a reason.

I can pass you a licence for Office which gives 1TB? [please use .zip :stuck_out_tongue: ]


I can also paypal you for a one year office personal licence


Two large zip files I have on OneDrive are 4.68-4.69GB in size which work fine, so, maybe do 5GB chunks to be safe?

Very mysterious.

I hope you aren’t paying too much for that, but if you want I’ll accept. There are other options, but if you are very selective you might not want to use some obscure thing off the internet.

Before you do that, I will check my school’s site to see if I already have an account.

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So Office costs either $70 for one year, or $7 a month. I can get the $7 plan and just cancel once you’re done downloading, if you were to send me a key you would have to pay for the full $70?

I can pay the $7 myself, that’s less than what I spent on my lunch today, that’s no big deal.

I’ll split it up into 5 GB zip files as well

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If you are ok with that, :bowing_woman::pray:

Who knew replicating an archive could be so challenging in 2021, despite my negligence in questionable software…

Went to check the site and it says:

CodePlex Archive will be shut down after July 1st, 2021.

lol whatever that means, anyway, less than two months to go see the site before it is gone… well, no longer live but thanks to one member here :slight_smile: we can still peruse the contents…

Happy browsing!

@jamie_yello Could you please make a new torrent file (750GB version) that contains all project files in the root (not in a sub-folder)?. This will make my Internet Archive upload without compressing to a single file.

Hey, sorry, I put this on the back burner to do some other things, but I’ll remember to get into this tomorrow. :slightly_smiling_face:

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@jamie_yello Many thanks to you. I’m now waiting for the new corrected torrent file. Moreover, please allow it to seed until it finishes to ensure that all projects are uploaded to the Internet Archive server.

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So sorry this is taking a while, but I promise I will remember to do it in the next couple days. :slight_smile: Been busy pretty much every hour of the last couple days. Working on getting out of my retail job and into one working with databases and software engineering.

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@ozamin92 Do you want the projects completely unzipped? I have right now a folder that looks like this that is about a terabyte

I also have a json file that includes some metadata about the project that was returned with codeplex API calls

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The zip files themselves contain all the metadata as well, so the json might not be necessary

Note that if I completely unzip the whole thing windows defender might nuke some files at random while people are torrenting (I had mine turned off just to be safe)

This won’t be an issue if whoever’s torrenting is running Linux or also has windows defender disabled

I’m going to try uploading to archive.org myself, windows explorer crashes if I try to drop all 108508 files into the browser, lol.

Actually, having over 100,000 files in the same directory just causes so many issues with torrent clients and all file sharing software in general not being designed to handle that number of small files at once. I am in the process of uploading the 7z files to archive.org, and you may do what you want with them assuming they finish uploading without errors. If you ask me these would be best suited for hosting on a server/website, just like they were originally.

I’ve tried 5 different torrent creation tools and every one of them broke trying to create a torrent with that number of files, and the one I did successfully make never seeded anyway, hell, windows explorer can barely handle it

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The original torrent file contains files like this:
When I upload to Internet Archive, it produces a giant “resume.tar.gz” file. Therefore, anyone must download this file to get only one project he wants.

The torrent file that I need is:
This means you can choose any project to be downloaded. No need to download a very big one.

If there is a problem with a number of files, I think you can split to parts, for example,
CodePlex (A-H).torrent,
CodePlex (I-M).torrent,
CodePlex (N-Z).torrent.
This may solve that problem.


Split it up? That’s a good idea

I’ll try both of your suggestions


Think I got the whole torrent thing figured out, they’re all in one big torrent file. I’ll try uploading that to archive.org once it’s done checking for existing files

I had to create the torrent with deluge and then could only seed it with BitTorrent


Well, here it is. Apparently, they will upload the files automatically as long as I leave BitTorrent open to seed.

I should contact the admins though, since my torrent is stuck at 99.9% for whatever reason, and it might not finish if it doesn’t upload 100%.

If someone wants to, it would be good if someone could test and see if this torrent works by trying it out. Not to download the whole thing, just to make sure it downloads at all.

I am also going to slowly upload the files manually grouping by one letter at a time


@jamie_yello Sorry for my late reply and many thanks to you. This is what I want to do on Internet Archive. Now, you may have a problem on uploading via your big torrent since Internet Archive site could be down for unknown reason. This problem may occur only a few days or may be weeks. Contacting Internet Archive will take some time to reply and fix. (In my case, it takes about 2-3 weeks.)

Keep it up!