How can I draw only a part of 2D texture that overlays special color of another texture?

Hello, I’m relatively new to Monogame, and my question is:
How to draw only a part of 2D texture that overlay/doesn’t overlay a part of another texture, colored with a special color?

For example, I have 2 textures:

and when i draw first texture and then second i want them to be drawn like this:

I can’t simply divide first texture in two parts and draw one of them after the red line and other - before because it’s half-transparent, so line will be seen.

Sorry for my bad english.

You just draw the 2nd texture over the first one at the position you want.

That’s isn’t a solution. May be my example texture wasn’t good enough. I need second texture to be “cutted” according to the first texture color, so if I make it bigger, it will look like this:

Anyway, thank you

I think this would be more like using a mask in a graphics program, and you will probably want to use a RenderTarget2d.

Looks like that’s right what I need. Thank you