How can I load a spriteFont in my MonoGame iOS project?

How can I load a spriteFont in my MonoGame iOS project? I get this error message when I try to load it:
Font = Content.Load (“font”);
The requested feature is not implemented.

I created a spriteFont in Visual Studio 2013 and added it to my Xamarin Studio project. In addition, I set it’s properties to:
Build action: BundleResource
Copy to output directory: Do not copy

What is wrong? How can I load a spriteFont in Xamarin Studio?

make shore
Content.RootDirectory = “Assets”

you must have the font.xnb in the assets folder and set build action to content in properties

Font = Content.Load<SpriteFont> ("font");

it the same way in xna

It’s not working. Nothing gets drawn on the emulator screen, just the blue background. And I get no error message.
I draw like this:

spriteBatch.Begin ();
spriteBatch.DrawString (Font, “test”, new Vector2 (130, 200), Color.Red);
spriteBatch.End ();

Why is “test” not getting drawn on the screen?

I works now. I needed to build my font.xnb differently. I build it now with the following settings in Visual Studio:
I create a Content Builder Project, change the target to iOS, set the font’s Content Processor to “MonoGame Spritefont” and build the xnb from there.