How can i make a 16:9 game render in 21:9

I have a 2560x1080 monitor, and I want to play a game that only renders in 16:9 area. So, I decided to mod it to play in fullscreen on my monitor.

Game resolution area:

How i want it to be:

I have some knowledge in programming, but I don’t know anything about game programming, I’m studying MonoGame just to make this modification.

I Have some questions

Which part of the code can I edit to render these “extra areas” without stretching the menu or losing something? (I found these classes and things that may be related: Camera2d,CameraManager, Tile, Tilemap, Tileset, Resolution, Sandbox, Rectangle, Viewport, RenderTarget, GameWindow, GraphicsDeviceManager…)

In various parts of the code, I see functions that take parameters like ‘640, 360’ which I assume is the 16:9 resolution that they upscale to display in 1920x1080 or other resolutions on the screen. Should I change all of them in some way for the game to be rendered in 2560x1080?

A user told me that I need to change the camera code to include a wider selection of tiles, if I find the code that does this, what I should change will be found directly like a 640, 360 resolution, or do I have to change the logic like an equation so that the rendering area changes?

nvm, i already got it


sorry i forgot about you . so it works? What was the change needed?

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Yes, it worked! Thank you very much for the tips. I made a lot of changes, had to increase the rendering area, virtual resolution, sandbox, tiles drawing, adjust the camera, center and move HUD elements, draw extra menu parts, and so on. It’s almost working perfectly. There are still some bugs to fix, and at the moment, I’m trying to correct the rendering of the background parallax textures, which are still rendering as if it were 16:9

I managed to fix the parallax texture render as well! I’m very happy that on the day I made the first post, I had 0% knowledge about game programming, and now I can make changes with a certain level of ease, Thank you again for the help and the tips!