How do I import SkinnedModelPipeline into my Monogame 3.5 project?

Hi. Sorry for the silly question, but I am mostly self taught and don’t quite know how to do this. I found the that was available for XNA, and tried adding the project files to my project as the guide said. However, that doesn’t seem to be enough (I can’t access any of the animation classes). What are the steps required to properly integrate the animated model content processor into my project?

A BIG thanks in advance. Sorry if it’s a beginner level thing.

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Make sure that your project references the project “SkinnedModelWindows”.

Add the following using statement to your .cs file:

using SkinnedModel;

Change SkinnedModelPipeline.AnimationClip to SkinnedModel.AnimationClip or just AnimationClip.

Then add using statements for the namespaces that contain BlendData and BlendAnimator.

Thanks mgarstenauer, that got it to compile, but when the game runs, this happens:

These are the settings I’m using with the Content Pipeline:

Is there an importer/processor I’m missing?

I have the same problem exactly. I really hope somebody know how to fix this. I can’t believe monogame can’t play annimation model