How to correctly refresh a Scene

Hello there! Im just starting with MonoGame. Im using Visual Studio 2022 and for what i’ve been reading there’s no MonoGame version for that yet. So I’ve found cocos2d-mono which is on the Extensions list of VS 2022.

I must recognize that i’m not even sure about the origin of that extension because the documentation I found never is fully related to the “-mono” version but it seems that it kinda works over the MonoGame library somehow.

Thing is I’ve been testing and messing arround and a test I always do in graphical engines is to just write a string of random numbers to check the screen refreshes every frame. Nothing complex to be fair.

Thing is I noticed the “scenes” when called with RunWithScene(Scene) in the template is static. I mean it doesn’t does like a “void” which repeats itself therefore the random number doesn’t changes every frame as It sould.

Since theres little documentation and all the examples and documentation I’ve found are based in C++ and i’m using C# I did a workarround using ReplaceScene(Scene) and in every frame obviously updates but I think that this isn’t the correct way to do it.

FYI I just wanna draw on screen, won’t use Physics or whatever it comes with the engine. I have my own way to decide which X,Y the sprites will have in every frame.

Thanks in advance!