How to detect Retina and scale /w DesktopGL

Hello, I have tried finding a solution to this but am currently stumped - using a DesktopGL program, is there any way I can detect if the user has a Retina display and scale x2?

Any help is appreciated!

So in MonoGame 3.5 we are using OpenTK, which is very broken when it comes to Retina displays, and a lot of other stuff. In 3.6 we are replacing OpenTK with SDL which will in turn resolve Retina display issues, plus a bunch of other stuff.

Now what I said means that in 3.6 you won’t need to detect Retina displays, and that MonoGame will do it for you.

For MonoGame 3.5 there really isn’t a nice solution for this.

Ah so I probably should just provide a retina-specific build with everything scaled up?

For 3.5 that is your only option, you can wait till June for 3.6 if you don’t plan on releasing your game before then.

Yeah, its not so much releasing before then, its just that I jump between dev on my Macbook and a Linux desktop, so just automating the scaling would be good. I can just as easily just add custom parameters to only be ran on one or the other. Thanks!

Any updates here? It appears to automatically display at 2x, even with the default settings.

Is anyone actually getting to use all the pixels on retina displays now?